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Random Meme post.

Taken from awkward_story 
Put your iPod/iTunes/etc on random, and list the first 100 songs that play. No skips, no matter how embarrassing.

 Once upona night so cleary
As I watched a film so teary
'Bout a maiden so forlorn
Suddenly there came a tapping
A really loud, annoying rapping
Coming from my home front door

Tis the Avon lady back again
Trying to sell me their new scent "Zen"
Trying to tell me now and then
That I am more than what I am
But I am what I am and nothing more

Or, hark, it could be that girl next door
Selling cookies as she has before
Vanilla, mint, and lemon creme
A grinch I do not want to seem
So I buy them each year dutifully
Should I buy two boxes, three or four?

But, drat, It may be a hooligan
The kind I read about again and again
The kind that likes to play ding-dong ditch
The kind that is a son of a #$&%
Not this time will he score
As i yell nevermore, nevermore!

When oppisite sexes talk it out

ShaininguHikari (11:28:29 PM): it must be hard to have a penis
roboeuphistrings (11:28:43 PM): and yes I have while I've talked to you as well...
roboeuphistrings (11:28:49 PM): just to givew you that mental image
ShaininguHikari (11:28:56 PM): ......awkward
roboeuphistrings (11:29:01 PM): *burns mental image into your head* lol
roboeuphistrings (11:29:05 PM): it is
ShaininguHikari (11:29:07 PM): is that why you always fail at conversations
roboeuphistrings (11:29:22 PM): and yes penisis are very hard to manage
ShaininguHikari (11:29:29 PM): they sound horrible
ShaininguHikari (11:29:36 PM): to like actually live with
roboeuphistrings (11:29:39 PM): normally I'm not doing that when I am having a conversation...
roboeuphistrings (11:29:44 PM): Lesbian yet?
ShaininguHikari (11:29:57 PM): definitley not
ShaininguHikari (11:30:01 PM): i freakin hate vaginas
ShaininguHikari (11:30:01 PM): OMFG
roboeuphistrings (11:30:09 PM): hahaha
ShaininguHikari (11:30:16 PM): they are so fucking ugly and annoying, if they were a person i would punch them in the face
ShaininguHikari (11:30:18 PM): just saying
ShaininguHikari (11:30:19 PM): just saying
roboeuphistrings (11:30:20 PM): there just so convenient though
ShaininguHikari (11:30:24 PM): no they are not
ShaininguHikari (11:30:31 PM): common misconseption
roboeuphistrings (11:30:51 PM): you can keep your change in there and everything
ShaininguHikari (11:30:52 PM): Like this is gonna sound really weird
ShaininguHikari (11:30:57 PM): but i would rather be a gay guy
ShaininguHikari (11:30:59 PM): i hate them so much
roboeuphistrings (11:31:03 PM): and like your lipstick..
roboeuphistrings (11:31:10 PM): why,..?
ShaininguHikari (11:31:12 PM): ........
ShaininguHikari (11:31:16 PM): Because
ShaininguHikari (11:31:25 PM): you cant really understand because you dont have one
roboeuphistrings (11:31:27 PM): becayse you hate having a va ghey gey..
ShaininguHikari (11:31:45 PM): but i guess penises would be annoying too
roboeuphistrings (11:31:49 PM): WHy is it so bad...and ugly?
roboeuphistrings (11:31:56 PM): yeah....
roboeuphistrings (11:32:07 PM): they're are so fucking ugly
ShaininguHikari (11:32:07 PM): okay have you ever seen one upclose
ShaininguHikari (11:32:12 PM): GOD
roboeuphistrings (11:32:17 PM): they like get all hairy..
roboeuphistrings (11:32:20 PM): and ew
ShaininguHikari (11:32:21 PM): god was smokin some crack
ShaininguHikari (11:32:24 PM): when he created them
ShaininguHikari (11:32:26 PM): eww
roboeuphistrings (11:32:35 PM): If I could be a lesbian I would be...
roboeuphistrings (11:32:42 PM): and yes I have actually..
roboeuphistrings (11:32:51 PM): at that police camp remember...?
ShaininguHikari (11:32:51 PM): But arnt they ugly though
ShaininguHikari (11:32:55 PM): and wtf
ShaininguHikari (11:33:01 PM): dont remember
roboeuphistrings (11:33:03 PM): peni?
ShaininguHikari (11:33:11 PM): no idead
ShaininguHikari (11:33:13 PM): woah
ShaininguHikari (11:33:15 PM): idea
roboeuphistrings (11:33:26 PM): I think that penisis are really ugly...
roboeuphistrings (11:33:49 PM): and they get in the way of everything...
ShaininguHikari (11:33:49 PM): See, thats what i feel with vaginas
ShaininguHikari (11:33:56 PM): not the get in the way
roboeuphistrings (11:34:07 PM): what?
ShaininguHikari (11:34:14 PM): I think they are really ugly
ShaininguHikari (11:34:19 PM): and inconvenient
roboeuphistrings (11:34:57 PM): yeah...and they kinda bleed every month
ShaininguHikari (11:35:01 PM): Yeah
ShaininguHikari (11:35:07 PM): and i dont know if guys know this
ShaininguHikari (11:35:15 PM): but to do you know how freakin much blood
roboeuphistrings (11:35:24 PM): no..
ShaininguHikari (11:35:29 PM): you dont want to
ShaininguHikari (11:35:33 PM): its seriously quarts
ShaininguHikari (11:35:37 PM): i dont know what guys think
roboeuphistrings (11:35:49 PM): like nothing..
ShaininguHikari (11:35:54 PM): but you probably lose at least a liter of blood in a week
ShaininguHikari (11:35:58 PM): and it does last a week
roboeuphistrings (11:36:11 PM): AHHHHHHH!!
roboeuphistrings (11:36:12 PM): Ew
ShaininguHikari (11:36:13 PM): And you can feel it
ShaininguHikari (11:36:33 PM): Its HORRIBLWE
ShaininguHikari (11:36:34 PM): woah
ShaininguHikari (11:36:35 PM): w
roboeuphistrings (11:36:41 PM): you know what I don't get about girls...
ShaininguHikari (11:36:44 PM): what
roboeuphistrings (11:36:58 PM): do you even understand how bad a boner is...
ShaininguHikari (11:37:02 PM): lol
roboeuphistrings (11:37:05 PM): It's so fucking bad...
ShaininguHikari (11:37:05 PM): We dont
ShaininguHikari (11:37:20 PM): How
roboeuphistrings (11:37:38 PM): its really hard to explain
ShaininguHikari (11:37:42 PM): lol
roboeuphistrings (11:37:50 PM): hehe hard
ShaininguHikari (11:37:59 PM): lol
ShaininguHikari (11:38:04 PM): nice explenation
roboeuphistrings (11:38:07 PM): uhm like..
roboeuphistrings (11:38:25 PM): every morning you get up and you realize you have a penis...
roboeuphistrings (11:38:28 PM): with morning wood
ShaininguHikari (11:38:34 PM): uuummm
roboeuphistrings (11:38:40 PM): It's so awkward...
roboeuphistrings (11:38:54 PM): like even when you stretch when you have one...
roboeuphistrings (11:38:59 PM): it doesn't go away
ShaininguHikari (11:39:06 PM): Would you rather wake up bleeding
ShaininguHikari (11:39:08 PM): that is the question
roboeuphistrings (11:39:09 PM): it actually gives more attention to it...
ShaininguHikari (11:39:37 PM): wow
roboeuphistrings (11:39:46 PM): would you rather have to get a hard on while riding with your dad in the car everyday for a year...
ShaininguHikari (11:39:59 PM): i kinda just laughed at that
ShaininguHikari (11:40:01 PM): but no
roboeuphistrings (11:40:05 PM): and have to hide it with your sweatshirt?
ShaininguHikari (11:40:29 PM): I think that we should genetically create a human race with no periods, and controlable boners
ShaininguHikari (11:40:32 PM): MUAHAHAHAHA
roboeuphistrings (11:40:38 PM): would you rather...get a boner during the most inconvienent time and have to hide it quick
ShaininguHikari (11:40:54 PM): like math class
roboeuphistrings (11:41:07 PM): or get cramps for that time period...
roboeuphistrings (11:41:09 PM): haha yeah
roboeuphistrings (11:41:27 PM): it happens every 1st hour every year
roboeuphistrings (11:41:35 PM): haha
ShaininguHikari (11:41:48 PM): That is awkward
ShaininguHikari (11:41:49 PM): lol
roboeuphistrings (11:41:56 PM): yeah..
roboeuphistrings (11:42:04 PM): pretty much almost everyday
roboeuphistrings (11:42:35 PM): but yeah...it's kinda funny
ShaininguHikari (11:42:35 PM): That sounds horrible
ShaininguHikari (11:42:38 PM): and lol
roboeuphistrings (11:42:45 PM): because if you start thinking about your penis
roboeuphistrings (11:42:50 PM): it starts to get hard
roboeuphistrings (11:42:56 PM): it's really kinda funny
ShaininguHikari (11:43:13 PM): ............bad images
roboeuphistrings (11:43:23 PM): and you can play a form of "tug of war" with it...in the morning when it is like a brick
roboeuphistrings (11:43:37 PM): you like push against it while flexing/stretching
roboeuphistrings (11:43:41 PM): so much fun
ShaininguHikari (11:44:14 PM): .....................what
roboeuphistrings (11:44:54 PM): yeah..
roboeuphistrings (11:45:03 PM): its like a fight between you and tour penis
ShaininguHikari (11:45:11 PM): .........and how does that work
roboeuphistrings (11:46:10 PM): ok so lemme explain it to you..
roboeuphistrings (11:46:30 PM): when a guy has a sex dream in Stage 4 of sleep
roboeuphistrings (11:46:38 PM): the body tell's it hey
roboeuphistrings (11:46:46 PM): this is almost real
ShaininguHikari (11:46:59 PM): I know that but i dont get the tug of war
ShaininguHikari (11:47:02 PM): with the boner
roboeuphistrings (11:47:21 PM): because at stage four you are pretty much working out in your sleep and it's the most real stage
roboeuphistrings (11:47:25 PM): im getting there
roboeuphistrings (11:47:52 PM): and youe body gets up it says ok...fulfill my dream
roboeuphistrings (11:48:07 PM): so it gives everyguy what we call
roboeuphistrings (11:48:12 PM): the "ideal boner"
roboeuphistrings (11:48:29 PM): perfectly straight or slighty curved
roboeuphistrings (11:48:36 PM): red as a strawberry
roboeuphistrings (11:48:40 PM): and hard as a rock
roboeuphistrings (11:48:51 PM): and when you are at that stage
roboeuphistrings (11:49:31 PM): you can do "Penis Flexs" that you flex your groin muscles to move the penis to get harder and go up or get softer to go down
roboeuphistrings (11:49:53 PM): and if you push against it while doing said penis flex
roboeuphistrings (11:50:17 PM): it is like tug of war...because the penis is so strong because it is ready for sex because of the sex dream...
roboeuphistrings (11:50:20 PM): got it?
ShaininguHikari (11:50:34 PM): ............im so disturbed


Hi, this is Julian. And Veronica forgot to log out of my computer so I decided to hack her journal. She should write a James/Scarecrow fic somehow. Seriously or srsly however you prefer. Uhm, I have no idea what else to write. Oh, I have a better idea, I'm gonna change her pictures so that she will be like WTFISGOINGON?! MWAHAHAHAHA.

LOL and I'm gonna probably mess with her profile.


In my many years of browsing fanfics i have seen many Het pairings some have really pissed me off but none more so than a pairing involving this whore. 
WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE PAIR ANY SELF RESPECTING CHARACTER WITH HER UGLY MUG. IN SOME GOD KNOWS WAY SHE HAS BECOME CANON WITH LUIS. WTF. THAT CHICA WOULD NOT BE GETTING ANY FROM HIM. NEVER. NADA. I MEAN WTF. I am not a total slash nazi but this is unacceptible out of any characters out there why her. There are many other female characters out there 
and guess what, they arent the voice of Cindy Vortex. RAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEE!!!!

While on this invigorating subject of utter importance i would like to bring up one more point. Mary is a seriously Bad-ass, not only does she get cancer and is smothered by her deranged husband, she has the sheer BALLS to write a letter and make his life  A LIVING RAPE FEST ( which i would like to thank her for). If thats not badass then i dont know what is.



Nothing Much too say.

After having this account forever, and never even writing anything I have decided to actually add to my journal. I just realized that my top 3 myspace friends are bisexual. WTF for cereal. I'm not though so i don't know how this happened. *le sigh* I finally reupdated my myspace page for the first time in a  year. Thats how bored i was. Sad isnt it? I guess thats all thats happened sooooooooooooo. Bye.